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The DVD of CODEBREAKER has subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and German. It’s NTSC format. Aside from playing in NTSC DVD players, this format will play in newer PAL DVD players and on all computers.

** The CODEBREAKER DVD is available to ship anywhere in the world, except the United Kingdom. If you are from the UK, you can buy the DVD here.

CODEBREAKER tells the remarkable and tragic story of one of the 20th century’s most important people. As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing laid the foundation for the computer age. His success breaking the German Naval Enigma code helped turn the tide of World War II. Instead of being celebrated, Turing faced terrible persecution from the British government because he was gay. In the early 50s, he was forced to undergo chemical castration as punishment for his homosexuality. He was left a broken man and eventually committed suicide.

CODEBREAKER is a drama-documentary that uses emotional and engaging reconstructions to bring Turing to life in intricate detail and high color. Documentary elements seamlessly interconnect with drama scenes to offer a three dimensional picture of Turing, his accomplishments, his tragic end, and his lasting legacy.

So far, two million people on six continents have seen this award-winning and critically acclaimed film. The Times described the film as “…an overdue and thoroughly honourable telling of this dreadful story.” Another critic pronounced it as “awe-inspiring.” The Sunday Times called it “powerful” and “imaginative.”

Reaction to Turing’s Pardon

The Queen’s posthumous pardon of Alan Turing has received a strong response from around the world.  Here’s a summary of reaction to the pardon from politicians, pundits, and Turing experts.
British Justice Minister Chris Grayling requested the pardon from Queen Elizabeth II.  He said: “Dr Alan Turing was an exceptional man with a brilliant mind…His later… Read More

The Queen Pardons Alan Turing

Queen Elizabeth II has issued a Christmas Eve pardon of Alan Turing.  British Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said Turing deserved to be “remembered and recognised for his fantastic contribution to the war effort” and not for his 1952 criminal conviction for having a sexual relationship with another man.  After the conviction, Turing was forced to… Read More

CODEBREAKER Now Available on DVD

The DVD of CODEBREAKER is now on sale!

Turing Set to Receive Pardon

The British Government says it will support efforts to give a posthumous pardon for Alan Turing.  This important development was announced on Friday as the House of Lords was debating a bill to pardon Turing.
Here’s more from the Daily Mail.  “In the House of Lords yesterday, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, a whip, said the Government… Read More

Bletchley Park Renovations Start Soon

Work soon will begin on a major renovation of Bletchley Park — the wartime home for Great Britain’s codebreaking effort.  Alan Turing was at the heart of the effort to crack Germany’s Enigma code.  Historians say the British codebreaking effort shortened the war by two years and saved millions of lives.
In the decades after the… Read More

Turing Film Nominated for GLAAD Award

CODEBREAKER has been nominated for a 2013 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary.  The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor U.S. media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.  “This nomination is a great honor,” says Patrick Sammon, one of the film’s Executive Producers. “We… Read More

Turing Film Wins Award in Europe

CODEBREAKER has received the Audience Award at the  2012 European Science TV & New Media Awards.  The Film’s director, Clare Beavan, accepted the award at a late November ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal.
The European Science TV and New Media Festival took place last July in Dublin, Ireland.  The event featured two dozen science related films from across Europe.  Audiences selected… Read More

Turing Film Set for U.S. Theatrical Premiere

TODpix, in conjunction with Story Center Productions and Furnace, announces the U.S. Theatrical Premiere of CODEBREAKER in Washington, DC on October 17, 2012 and New York City on October 25th.  “We’re excited to offer this compelling and unique new film to American audiences,” says TODpix President Andrew Fogelson. “It’s an incredible story that will capture the… Read More

Turing Film In the News

A public radio program in the United States recently featured a segment about CODEBREAKER.  “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” a nationally syndicated show broadcasting on 180 radio stations in the US, examines the big ideas impacting our world.   This week’s program focused on Alan Turing’s life and legacy.  The show included a segment about… Read More

Turing Film Receives Recognition in Europe

CODEBREAKER is receiving accolades in Europe from several quarters.
The film is a finalist to receive two awards from The European Science TV & New Media Festival.  The mid-July festival in Dublin, Ireland showcased science films from across Europe.  CODEBREAKER is one of three finalists being considered for a Jury Award and one of four finalists… Read More

Turing in the News

In recent weeks, there have been a number of excellent radio programs, interviews, and videos about the life and legacy of Alan Turing.  Here are links to some of them.

Professor David Leavitt, featured in CODEBREAKER and the author of a Turing biography, was interviewed during a recent episode of Science Friday on National Public Radio… Read More

Turing Committed Suicide: Case Closed

By Patrick Sammon & Paul Sen
The evidence is clear that Alan Turing committed suicide on June 7, 1954.  A recent analysis by Professor Jack Copeland aims to call this conclusion into question.   Based on previously public information and new research that our team conducted during the production of CODEBREAKER, we believe the evidence strongly supports… Read More

Turing in the Spotlight in Parliament

Alan Turing was in the spotlight this week at a hearing in the British Parliament.  Julian Huppert, the MP for Cambridge, led a discussion about Turing’s life and legacy and how the United Kingdom  should do more to recognize his contributions to the world.
The MK News featured an article about the debate: “MPs campaigning to… Read More

Turing Film Ratings from Australia

Some good news from down under!  The ratings are in from Australia.  CODEBREAKER had an average audience of 327,000 viewers.  The Alan Turing film broadcast Friday night June 8th on SBS One. Of those people watching TV in the five capital cities at the time CODEBREAKER was shown, 7.3% were watching the film.  Nationwide, the… Read More

Remembering Alan Turing

In the week leading up to the centennial of Alan Turing’s birth on June 23rd, there have been a lot of interesting articles about Turing and his contribution to our modern world.
BBC.com features six articles about Turing examining his life and his legacy.  Vint Cerf, a Turing Award winner and Google’s Chief internet evangelist, writes,… Read More

Honoring Alan Turing

June 7th marks the 58th anniversary of Alan Turing’s tragic suicide.  His life was short, but his legacy lives on.  Here are some quotes about Alan Turing from people we interviewed for CODEBREAKER:
“The things that he contributed to computer science weren’t the things that just happened to be true in one particular year or one… Read More

Codebreaker Scheduled to Broadcast in Australia

SBS One will broadcast CODEBREAKER next week in Australia.  The hour-long version of the film is scheduled to transmit on Friday June 8th at 9:35pm (Sydney time).  The broadcast in Australia will come just one day after the 58th anniversary of Alan Turing’s suicide.
SBS is a highly respected Australian public television network with a strong… Read More

Alan Turing’s Intellectual Roots

Part of CODEBREAKER focuses on the time that Alan Turing spent at Sherborne School, a boarding school in Dorset, England.  Turing attended the school from 1926 until he started at King’s College, Cambridge in 1931.  The film features newly uncovered information about the books he checked out between 1928 & 1931.  The list offers clues… Read More

Turing’s Cathedral

A new book about the origins of our digital universe is getting wide news coverage around the globe.  Historian George Dyson’s book is called Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe.  Check out a recent interview with Dyson on MSNBC.
Here’s how the book is described on  Amazon.com: “’It is possible to invent a single… Read More

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