International Distribution Plan

CODEBREAKER is reaching audiences around the world.  With an ambitious distribution plan, this drama-documentary is, or will be, available in theatres (in the U.S.), on broadcast television, cable, film festivals, DVD, digital platforms, and other special screening events.  There is an 81-minute version and a 53-minute version of CODEBREAKER being distributed around the globe.  More than two million people on six continents have already seen the film, with more soon to follow.

CODEBREAKER has been shown on broadcast television and cable networks around the world: Channel 4  in the United Kingdom; TV3 in Catalonia, Spain; SBS One in Australia; the Science Channel in the U.S.; and TVO in Ontario, Canada.

Discovery France soon will be showing CODEBREAKER.  Aside from France, the upcoming transmission on Discovery France also will be shown in Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Belgium.  In recent months, broadcast rights for the film have been acquired by networks in Russia, Austria, and New Zealand.  London based TVF International is working to find other broadcast distribution partners around the globe.

CODEBREAKER is now available on DVD across the world.  For everywhere outside the United Kingdom, you can buy the DVD here.   This version includes subtitles in English, German, Spanish, and French.  People in the United Kingdom can buy the DVD here.  The film will be available on digital platforms within six months.

Special corporate screenings of CODEBREAKER are attracting interest from some of the world’s leading companies.  Google, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T, Société Générale, PwC, Northern Trust, Pfizer, Ingersoll Rand, and several law firms have hosted or scheduled corporate screenings.  Additional screenings will be held later this year, and in 2014, at technology companies, other corporations, banks, and law firms.  Executive Producer Patrick Sammon attends these screenings to introduce CODEBREAKER and lead a Question & Answer session after the film.  Please email Patrick  ( to find out details for hosting a corporate screening event.

The production team has been busy with screenings of CODEBREAKER at colleges and universities across the U.S.  Executive Producer Patrick Sammon has screened the film at more than 20 colleges and universities including Bryn Mawr College, Duke University, The University of Texas-Austin, Syracuse University, The University of Kansas, and Johns Hopkins University.  Please contact the producers ( for more information about scheduling a screening in 2013 and 2014.

TODpix, in conjunction with Story Center Productions and Furnace, offered this film for release in theaters across the U.S.  It was distributed using a unique, new model called “theatrical on demand”.  This grassroots model puts the decision-making power in the hands of moviegoers, guaranteeing the film’s screening in any community where there is sufficient interest. CODEBREAKER played to enthusiastic audiences in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Albany, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Galesburg, IL, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

CODEBREAKER has been or is scheduled to be screened at more than 20 film festivals across the globe.  In mid-September, the film was screened in Heidelberg, Germany at a festival held in conjunction with the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.  In mid-October, the film was featured at German LGBT film festivals in Cologne, Dortmund, and Hamburg.  This spring and summer, the film was shown at festivals in Torino, Italy; Champaign, Illinois; San Francisco; Moscow; St. Petersburg; Zurich; and Brussels.

The film received the Audience Award at the 2012 European Science TV & New Media Awards.  It also received the Audience Award at last fall’s Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Interest in the film is being generated throughout our target markets with marketing partner, Moxie Matters. This marketing consultancy builds buzz and drives action among niche communities for independent feature and documentary film projects. The Moxie Matters team is committed to creating the most compelling and effective film marketing and distribution strategies for independent film producers, investors, and distributors.

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